7 original silver gift ideas for women - full-silver

7 original silver gift ideas for women

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Just like last week when we gave you some gift ideas for men, this week we have some for the ladies. Let's see what we can offer you.

1 Silver hair combs:

As you know ladies often have long hair, and in order not to end up with dreadlocks, they have to comb their hair regularly. So what better gift than a precious metal comb that will allow them to style their hair for a lifetime without ever rusting or getting damaged.
A silver comb will always be a gift that will delight the heart and show your affection to the person you give it to. Moreover it is an object of great value and beauty, do not hesitate any more, come to discover our collection and choose yours.

2 Hair sticks :

To stay in the theme of hair here is another nice item that will please just as much, hair stick. These combine elegance, discretion, and usefulness in everyday life.
With or without ornament, simple or engraved, the recipient of this gift will certainly appreciate this piece of metal that will accompany her very often.
This is a gift that will light up the hearts and faces of those to whom you give this kind of beautiful gift.
We regularly add new models to the collection, so think about coming to see and maybe make your choice.

3 Silver mirrors:

Silver mirrors are also a great item and a very useful gift that will please the ladies. Taking up little space, it will easily slip into a handbag so that madam can make herself beautiful at any time.
Of all the forms and for all the purses you will certainly find your happiness.
They are quite difficult to find but once you have one, you will never leave it.

4 Silver coins and ingots for collecting:

This is a classic, even a very conventional gift, but one that will hold its effect forever. Women will always appreciate a silver ingot or coin for their birthday, Christmas, or wedding anniversary.
Here you can find many of our most beautiful coins to delight the one you want to give it to.
It can also be a great way to invest in an asset that won't lose its value over time.

5 Silver mugs:

Ah ladies and coffee, what a love story. Sitting over a cup of coffee chatting with a friend is a favorite activity for many women. So why not offer a silver mug? High quality, durable, and beautiful, it will also be good for your health. (Our next article will deal with this subject).
Come and grab yours here, you will certainly find the one you like.

6 tea sets and silver tea kettles:

What better way for the ladies to show off a gorgeous, valuable service and enjoy afternoon tea with friends?
Whether you want to serve it Japanese style, or European style, all the styles are there for you to choose the one that will suit you.
It's over here.

7 the silver fruit basket:

A fruit basket placed on the table in 999 silver, entirely handmade. This is a great gift that will delight the person you decide to give it to. This is a pure product of craftsmanship entirely designed to be as useful as possible. It could be used as a wedding gift for example.
Wear-resistant and rust-free, you will have given an object that will last for generations.

In conclusion:
We have listed here a few original silver gifts that you could offer to your loved one in order to be sure that she will like it.
If you have any other ideas or suggestions, the comments section is there for that.
If you liked this article, don't hesitate to like, share and comment we want to have a blog as interactive as possible.


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