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Do you understand difference between silver 925, 990 and 999?

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Silver is one the purest precious metal you could get in the world because:

1) Its not expensive

2) It has a big history

3) Its value never really decrease

4) Its a consumable material       

5) its still one of the best investment nowadays

Let’s see points by points about it:

The purest silver extract from the mines is about 99.99% pure, like gold 24 k is 99.99% pure because we never got the 0.001% more.

On simple way after been extracted, silver is cleaned, then melt, and then form into ingot to go for commercial issues.

A silver bar of 6.7 pounds is only $1930 today that’s make it one of the cheapest precious metal in the world!

And we are talking about the 99.99% silver!

What about the silver 990?

For understand this we have to speak in kilograms (kg) it’s based on 1 kg there is 990 grams of pure silver and it’s mix with 10 g of copper or another material as iron or whatever. Most of time it’s still be copper.

Silver as gold is very malleable. So it needs some addictive to get stronger as gold does.

It’s the one which is used in the electronics part to make your devices works properly.

It’s also one of the most popular for jewelry and accessories.

Yes you can find many things as: lighter, chains and necklaces, bracelets or buckle belts in 990 silver.

When you buy silver ingot 990 you’re playing on a future, and mark this words silver will be useful in future for many things.

And if we talk about the 925 silver?

The 925 sterling silver

This one is really the most used, first because it content usually 75 g of copper in it. Then because the biggest amount of jewels you can find are from this one because the price is even cheaper.

Strangely, 925 silver ingot are not so much popular, but in another hand it’s understandable that people wants to buy the better quality for their ingots or silver bars.

The fact silver 925 is cheaper is the reason why you won’t be able to find with diamond or expensive gems, craftsman jeweler will mix half precious stones on it as zircons to make such beautiful jewels.

At full-silver we propose you a large choice of 925 silver jewels as this one here

But don’t underestimate this type of silver, because in fact this industry brings every years several billions of Dollars in the whole world.

As you can see, this is not a joke. 230 billions of Dollars in 2020 only with silver jewelry, as you can see the sum is astronomic!

Why you should invest in silver?

As I said earlier silver is a consumable that is used to so many ways, even as water purifying filter and electronics components. Our world industries use it in so many ways that we even can’t think about.

There they say that “silver is beginning to be rarer than gold” which I am sorry to disagree because it might be the case in western countries and continents, but not in the east like Asia.

For example China alone mine down every year more than 465 tons of this precious metal we are talking about.

And I repeat it’s much better to invest now in silver ingot because it can suit every wallets and can bring you secure on a long term.

If you are interested in, we can propose you this 50 g flat ingot of pure 999 silver. This is a good price that we give you, in which you can invest with your eyes closed. And of course you have the warranty of one year.

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