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How to Melt and Cast Silver Ingots

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Silver, like gold, needs to be melted and cast to make pure and perfect ingots.
Today we will see this process.

From the mine to the smelter:

As you know, silver is found in mines from which it is extracted by mining techniques.
Once collected, it is sent to the smelter where it is first cleaned and separated from the ferrous metals that accompany it.
Once the pure silver is recovered, it is time to melt it.
There are two main techniques used, the oven or the furnace, nowadays it is often the oven that is more used. To learn more about you can go to see this article.
The silver melts at 1763° F and it must be raised to about 2000° to be able to mold it.

What are ingot molds made of?

It's called an ingot mold and it's made of graphite to be able to go into the furnace.
This is done in an absolute cleanliness to ensure the quality and purity of the ingot which will be stamped by means of the screw press, or hydraulic.
Once removed from the mold, the ingot is soaked in cold water to cool and solidify it.
Then the ingot is inspected with the naked eye to verify that there are no visible defects.

Who melts and forms these silver ingots?

It is often the banks that melt the ingots since they are the ones who organize the mining and extraction of the silver.
But there are also individual companies that are able to do this.
Some of these companies buy the pure silver and then work it into the shape they want.
As already mentioned, the weight of precious metals is always calculated according to the metric system, i.e. in grams and kilograms.
The prices follow the stock exchange fluctuations and the limits of the available stock worldwide.

Are stocks limited?

Yes, they are! This metal is becoming more and more scarce since silver is a consumable used in electrical and electronic devices in overproduction nowadays.
So it is becoming more and more scarce and therefore more and more valuable.
This is what makes silver even more interesting today. By investing in silver you can sell it in case of a problem or a new financial crisis and profit from it.
So invest in silver, there are ingots, coins, jewelry, silverware (cutlery, dishes, various everyday objects)


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