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Silver in the popular culture

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Since the beginning of mankind, people have liked to tell stories about monsters and evil supernatural beings to scare themselves.
However, in every story there is always one or more elements to destroy the monster.
There are several that are very recurrent especially in the old movies until the early 80's, namely holy water and silver.
There are of course the vampires, and then the werewolves as well as others like certain witches or even certain black mages of the medieval culture had all the silver in horror for its capacity of destruction.
According to the movie Blade, vampires need silver, garlic and sunlight. But holy water was, until the last century, a primordial element of destruction of the evil ones.

Why are vampires sensitive to silver?

Because according to the traditions, silver is a pure metal that does not attract the most covetousness, and unlike gold, it is really an object of extreme covetousness. This metal allows the enemies of the "beasts" to eliminate them without too many problems.
The silver with its mirror effect reflects the sun and thus is charged in UV what allows him to have mortal properties for this kind of monsters and even if it is stored in a pocket or other it preserves the properties.
This allows it to be lethal.
Vampires can't stand the sun, it kills them instantly, and silver is the same.
According to some priests, garlic and holy water were primary weapons, but when combined with silver they were always added or multiplied.
Vampires, therefore, fear this metal as much as the sun.
And for werewolves?

Well, it's more or less the same thing: silver, sunlight and holy water are the best elements to kill these nocturnal monsters.
Then of course there are other things like magic and maybe dog training.
To make the magic happen when a night monster shows up in the middle of the night, have some silver on hand.
In the movie "From dusk till dawn" we see the girl killing a vampire with a silver cross putting in his mouth...

And what more in the popular culture?

Well, to begin with, silver has always been the second most valuable metal on earth.
During the Olympic games the silver medal is always the second one: gold, silver, bronze.
The only sport that can claim silver as the first and greatest discernment is savate, French boxing as silver gloves (which equal black belt in other sports).
Did you know that since ancient times it has been one of the best means of exchange like gold. Moreover, Silver has always had a market value to pay for foodstuffs or the most common objects of everyday life.
Did you know that the first real ancient jewels were made of silver, often with shells?
And since then the "tradition" has never been lost.

Why has silver always been second and not first?

Well, it's a question of scarcity, you see gold, just like silver, is found in quantity as a raw material in the mines.
And silver is much more present than the rest at the moment, even if it is a consumable and is becoming increasingly rare, it is still found in large quantities.
More and more industries, and more and more everyday objects have silver parts inside, for example microwave ovens, radios, TVs, computers etc...
Like copper it is a very good conductor, although more expensive it is often used sparingly in electronic devices.
And since humans only know how to consume and throw away, waste and throw away, most of this metal ends up in our garbage without our knowledge. This is why silver is becoming scarcer, and why, according to several websites, "silver is becoming scarcer than gold".
But you can believe that silver is still a very good investment.
And having it is always better than having nothing at all, because if one day a collapse occurs, it will always have a market or exchange value.
Did you know that gold medals are not made of gold? But silver medals are really silver, as are bronze medals for that matter.

Silver and jewelry:

95% of the population knows silver only for jewelry and not for the rest but it does not matter it is still very low cost jewelry with very good quality for the most part.
As already mentioned the stones on the jewelry are very often semi-precious stones like zircon, obsidian, turquoise etc...

You even can see here some of our necklace in sterling silver 990 without stones.

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