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That's why we need to invest now!

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The economic crisis, followed by the health crisis of the coronavirus, has caused more unemployment and bankruptcies than it is reasonable to think. And it is not over yet! Because of necessity, a new economic crisis is going to arise and it will be much more violent than all the previous ones.
Today we will see in a few points why you should invest as soon as possible in safe stocks.

Why is it urgent to invest?

As mentioned above, the various crises that have just hit us have destroyed many lives, social, economic or physical.
In response to all these state debts, the only answer that has been found is to print money en masse. And it is precisely by increasing the money supply that the value of money decreases. Today a $20 bill is worth no more than $11 or $12. Slowly but surely it is decreasing.
What keeps the currency going is the belief that we have in it and normally the number of bills printed, which at the moment is rising exponentially.
But when everyone understands what is happening, the currency will collapse without further ado. You can walk around with a wheelbarrow full of banknotes, and what will be stolen will be the wheelbarrow itself.

What to invest in?

To make it simple, in all the sure and concrete values. Here are some examples:
- Real estate
- Gold
- The cars of collection
- Crypto currencies
- Art
- The stock market etc...
We are going to focus on what we know, which is silver.
Silver is expensive to extract, and this is precisely what gives it its value. But it is becoming scarce because it is a great consumable very much appreciated by the big industries. However, there are still some very active mines, especially in Asia.

Which silver to choose? Sterling or fine silver?

Well, as we have already said, fine silver is mainly used to make ingots, coins or silver bars for example. The advantages of fine silver are that it does not tarnish but on the other hand it is very malleable and not very suitable for jewelry making. Note that there are still some available and that they are of very good quality.
Sterling silver is not really pure, it contains a part of copper, zinc, or nickel sometimes other metals. Which give it a better hardness and therefore allow to make jewelry. (Sterling silver 925= 925 g of silver for 1 kg) which means that it contains 75 g of metal other than silver.
In fact sterling silver is even less expensive than fine silver.

What to buy as an investment in silver?

Here is a non-exhaustive list that may help guide you:
- 999 silver ingots
- 999 silver coins
- Silver tableware
- Silver teapot
- Silver jewelry
- Silver watches
You will find in our collection a large choice of ingots and fine silver coins.

What investment strategy to adopt?

Well, for the big wallets who already have experience, it is obvious, but for the neophytes in this field here are some practical advices. You are free to follow them or not.
Even if you don't have a lot of money, you need to invest a minimum amount every month for a certain period of time in order to build a solid foundation for your future.
So every month buy a bullion or a fine silver bullion to keep it safe at home. Once you have enough, you can exchange it for a larger bar that can be kept in a safe place.
You might as well start your investment by equipping your home with all silver tableware, every month one or two items.
You will see that very quickly the value increases in a regular way and you will have a sum which will be useful to you in case of hard blow, and which has for virtue not to push you to want to sell all as soon as you have a hard blow.
What we advise is that every month you buy a small ingot between 20 and 100 g that you can keep until it is the right time.


If you want to know more about inflation, you can go read this article. We hope you enjoyed it and that you will make the right decisions for your future.
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