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What is the difference between fine silver and sterling silver?

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You have likely heard the term "Sterling Silver" or have seen the inscription on a silver object, but do you know the difference between the two?

Fine silver, what's mean ?

The inscription fine silver, or pure silver is found on jewelry and silver objects there may also be pure silver.
This corresponds to the purity of precious metal. You can also find the mention 999, or 99.9 which corresponds to the purity of the silver itself. This is silver in its purest state. Its chemical description is Ag in the periodic table it is the chemical element number 47 and it is located between gold and copper. For more information see this article.
It is a very good catalyst in chemistry, often called metallic silver or silver metal.
This metal is very malleable and it may be difficult to design jewelry with it because of the softness of the material, but it is still possible and makes beautiful, durable and valuable jewelry.
Silver can tarnish due to oxidation, heat, humidity and perspiration are very often the causes of this color change.

Sterling silver, what's that mean ?

Unlike silver (pure silver, 999), it is not totally pure, which means that on a kilo it contains 925g of precious metal, in other words 92.5% of silver could be mixed with other components, often copper, iron or aluminum and you get a much harder metal. You will find it with the inscriptions "sterling 925", "SS925" or "925". It could also be 990 silver known as "sterling 990". "S990", "SS990" etc... 990 silver contains 99% pure silver and 1% copper.
This mix of metals makes the silver much harder, and therefore more durable in the long term.
It is also cheaper to buy because of the mix of metals inside. And it is for this major reason that sterling silver jewelry is inexpensive.


Which jewelry to choose?

Well, it's all a matter of taste and color, if you prefer 925 or 990 sterling jewelry, then buy the one you like best.
Whether it is pure or not, silver tends to tarnish, to clean it there are several techniques, I refer you to our article on the subject.
If you like silver jewelry, we have a lot of products to offer you, whether it is rings, earrings or bracelets.
Silver is also used to make fashion items such as belt buckles, tea and coffee sets, and cutlery.
And of course, silver is used in large quantities in electronic products.

What is the most popular form of silver?

The most popular is 925 sterling silver, mainly because of its low purchase price. Even it is of very good quality and also very durable, it will tend to tarnish more quickly because of the mix of metals.

However, it will be difficult to find anything other than jewelry and fashion items.
For many other items such as tableware and cutlery will be made of fine 999 silver.
The intermediate purity grade, 990 sterling silver, is more expensive than SS925 because it is still purer.
By the way you can find some sterling silver 990 jewelry here, hope you like it.

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