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Why should you use silver cutlery and silverware?

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You may not know it, but silver has many anti-bacterial properties and this is one of the major reasons why you should use this kind of dinnerware.

What are the properties of silver tableware?

Well, they are numerous, first of all, they have a disinfectant effect because under the effect of heat, tiny silver particles are released which eliminate most of the bacteria.
When you eat the silver will have disinfected and killed most of the bacteria.
Furthermore it does not rust, yes like stainless steel but with the added antibacterial properties of this precious metal.

Does silver have other beneficial properties for the human body?

Of course it does! First of all, the ions released by the heat form a kind of electrolysis that purifies everything it comes into contact with.
But you can add to that an anti-allergenic property for sensitive skins.
And as mentioned above it also kills night monsters!

What dishware items can be found in silver?

Almost any "kitchen" item can be found in sterling silver.
Whether it's steak knives, forks, teaspoons, soup spoons, even mugs and cups and plates.
There are so many items that it would be too long and tedious to list them all here.
But if you are interested in the subject, feel free to visit this sterling silver 999 cutlery set.

Are there other items besides kitchenware and jewelry made of sterling silver?

Of course, 90% of everyday objects are made of silver, for example mirrors, picture frames, cuff links, combs, brushes, watches, tie pins or hair clips, boxes, candle holders etc. ....
To learn more about this topic you can read this article.

Can buying and using silver cutlery be considered as an investment?

Yes, you can buy silver cutlery with your eyes closed because in case of a hard time it will be a good return on investment and it resells very well. Of course, we don't wish you to have any difficulties in your life.
Just like stainless steel cutlery, silver cutlery is completely wear-free.
You can also choose other silver items besides tableware.
There are so many ways to keep your change safe with this metal that you are bound to find the one or two that interest you.

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