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Why use a pure silver teapot?

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More and more people like silver teapots, for the longevity, durability and hygiene on top of that.
Today we're going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of these precious metal vessels.

Advantages of a silver tea set:

Because of the silver tea pot with boiled water, the water is more pure. If the water is not good, the silver tea set will change its color. According to the silver tea set seen in the past, there are vine handles because the heat transfer of silver is relatively fast, and the silver tea set can save time to boil the water.

The silver tea pot has a softer water quality than the iron tea set, and the tea is more fragrant and the tea soup is purer. The silver and sodium ions released by the silver tea once the water is boiled have a disinfecting effect.

The silver and sodium ions released by the silver tea with the tea can play a disinfecting role. A very small amount of silver dissolves in the water in the form of silver ions

Silver ion sterilization, silver ions per liter of water if it contains one hundred billion and half a gram, is enough to kill most bacteria. Silver tea with boiled water can make the water soft and fine.
The ancients say that if the water is soft, it is as smooth as silk. Not easy to rust, will not let the tea soup contaminated with smell.


Silver tea set maintenance method:

It is best to keep the water level at 80-90% of the total capacity of the pot. Otherwise, the overflow of boiling water will completely damage the heating plate resistance and cause other unnecessary hazards.

The silver tea set should not be heated without water to avoid damage to the soldering joints due to high temperature.

The silver tea set can be heated with charcoal or electric heating. The recommended tools are: electric hot plate, far infrared heating oven, electromagnetic heating oven, etc. If you choose an induction stove, you should buy an anti-masking induction stove.
After each use, dry the water and gently wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

When there is dirt or discoloration during use, use a silver cloth or silver powder to gently polish. If it is not used for a long time, please wipe it with a soft cloth or paper and store it in a cool place.

What precautions should you take when using a silver teapot?

1. Do not heat without water.
2. Not suitable for use in a microwave oven.
3. Try to avoid using a gas stove to boil water.
4. The induction stove does not conduct heat to the silver pot and cannot be used.
5. Avoid contact with the metal part of the silver pot to avoid burns.
6. Do not bend the handle of the silver pot.
7. Avoid using acidic solvents and detergents.
8. If the tea is brewed directly, the inside of the silver pot will turn black.
9. Avoid contact with sea water and hot springs.

Where are the teapots and tea sets made?

Yong Xing County, Chen Zhou City, Hunan Province, was named "China Silver Capital" by the Silver Branch of China Nonferrous Metal Association in 2002.
The silver production of Yin Xing County accounts for a quarter of the country's total, and the smelting of gold and silver has a history of more than 300 years.
The precious metal Pure Silver 999 is ideal for use in cutlery, tableware, or as a present for teapots.

A silver teapot is still an investment, will it last long?

A silver teapot can last a lifetime for you and your children without ever getting damaged if you take a minimum of care of it, that is to say: do not drop it on the floor, clean it regularly, and do not hit it with a tool for example.
Moreover, silver never rusts, nor does it suffer the ravages of time.
If you like tea, this is a gift that you should make for yourself, for example this one would be perfect for your living room.

We hope that we have answered some of your questions and that we have convinced you to invest in a 999 pure silver tea set.
If you have any additional information to add, don't hesitate, the comments are there for that.
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