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Why use a silver comb?

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More and more people are getting a 999 fine silver comb as a gift or as a gift to themselves.
Let's take a look at it today, to find out how to choose your next comb and especially why.

What are the characteristics of a silver comb?

Well most often a silver comb is made of 999 silver because this precious metal is very good for making this kind of object.
Moreover it is very durable you can keep it all your life, see pass it on to your children who will keep it as long.
The silver combs have moreover to treat your hair in the best way because of the silver microns.
Styling with a silver comb is giving your hair a special long term treatment that will allow you to have the most beautiful hair.

What is the price of a silver comb?

It often depends on the quality of the comb, and its origin but they are very frequently made of 999 silver, which makes them relatively expensive to buy.
If we have to give a price range, let's say between $300 and $500  for a quality comb.
They are often engraved with beautiful designs, to give them even more beauty.
You can see here one of our most beautiful pieces.

How are silver combs made?

Silver combs are very often handmade by craftsmen, which is what makes them more expensive.
To make it, you have to heat the silver in a simple way to work it, then hammer it to give it shape, and finally engrave it to give it a unique style.
It is an object that is made by hand, it is especially meticulous to make it and it takes time. This is why the price of the object is so high.

Can we consider a silver comb as an art object or an investment object?

Yes of course, besides all the silver objects that you will buy can be considered as an investment for your future, that it is jewels, flasks, ingots or other everything is possibly considered as an investment.
In addition, in a few years, or even a few decades, the silver objects that you will have already had today will necessarily have taken on the value of antiquity and will sell for much more.

In conclusion:

We hope we have been able to enlighten you on silver combs, if you need more information please take a look at this video.
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