Hi everyone, i am Fabrice Itier, a french man living in China since 2007. 

With my wife (Adi) who is chinese we do have a 7 years old son,  actually, his name is Little Dragon :) in chinese Xiao Long . 

we decided in 2019 to build our own company which is open in Hong Kong. 

I'm actually the CEO of this company. 

All the products you will find in our website are all from China, 

As a western foreigner person i know the quality that western people request for buy and invest. 

That's why i am the one who's going personally visit the factories and speak with the industrial bosses. 

I do speak chinese fluently so for me it's easy to communicate with them and all the time have the quality premium for the products we offer. 

We do this business because we both love silver and jewels and we really want make western discover the Asian culture, and what a better way than doing it with this precious metal. 

For any question that you may have you can contact us, 100% of the time it's myself who will be your interlocutor. 

We hope you enjoy the visit on our website, and we wish you a very great a beautiful day ! 

Fab and Adi