About Us

Hi everyone, I’m Fab, a french guy who lives in China since 2012.

I am married to Adi, my beautiful wife, and i am the happy dad of nice boy.

I used for years to help people and companies around the world to source and send products to them.

It happens that i am passionate about some topics as silver jewelry for example.

So to share my knowledge and my relationships about this topic.

In 2019 with my charming wife and myself decided to register a company in Hong Kong to share our passion. The company is called HighTechFab Limited.

Because of we know plenty of suppliers and factories, also many craftsmen from Silver City.

We so provide you with the best quality and the best products ever.

From one thing to another, we so took the decision to build this webstore in which we are welcome you.

You can purchase with confidence, all the products are on our shelves and are waiting for you.

All the team we built here has the mission to serve you the best way we can.

So don’t hesitate to contact us at contactfullsilver@gmail.com