Silver Rings 990

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What can make more effect to the one you love than a Silver Ring 990.

Come to discover the category of Silver Ring 990. Totally handmade by the best craftsmen from Silver City in China. You will have the best quality of items on your finger. It's a timeless item that you put on your finger, it will be a forever ornament that won't pass. Inside the ring you can see the S925 stamp, which ensures you the good quality of the precious metal. Carved, engraved or both, details are very neat and you sure will love it. This collection is constantly up to date to give you more choice and all the time best quality ever.Resizable or not, you will have plenty of choice about religion or not. Fashion style and charm will be on your finger and you will like it very much. Sterling silver 990 contains 10 g of other metals for 1kg, so 1000 - 10  = 990, that's why it wears this name. Usually, the other metal is or copper, or nickel, and that's this metal makes your item turning dark sometimes. If this happens, don't worry, we will give you here 2 simples methods to clean it easily. It's totally DIY and even entertaining to do.

My silver ring is turning dark, what should i do?

  • Soak it 10 seconds in a bath of warm water, white vinegar and some baking soda and let magic happens.
  • Gently whip it with a soft cloth and some toothpaste until its bright back.
  • An used toothbrush and some lemon juice should make the job when polishing your object.
We give you the best quality ever, so if you ever have any question, Full Silver team is always available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you through your visit on the webstore. Don't hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, or email. To serve you the best is our mission and our pleasure.To begin your visit on this category, the first item to see will be this Sterling Silver 990 Ring- triple band. You will find it in the collection of . This last one contains hundred of products that you will love to have and which are the best quality ever.