Silver Lighter

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Get a Silver Lighter to complete your whole style.

When it comes to a side accessory, then a Silver Lighter is one of the best choice to make. It's also a great way to invest your money something valuable that will keep its value trough times. Totally handmade from Silver City in China by the best craftsmen. These beautiful objects are perfect to complete your suit. Some are simple with engraving and some have ornaments as opal, turquoise, brass or other. Most of them can be use with lighter oil. Browse the category and pick up the one you like the most.Carved and engraved for most of them, you also can find the S925 stamp on each place. This ensures you the good quality of the precious metal. If you have any question, or need more details, don't hesitate to contact the team via WhatsApp or email to ask what you need. To serve you the best way is Full Silver first mission.On any order you will place you benefit of free shipping worldwide, therefore if your item is damaged or if you simply don't like it, you can have the 14 free return policy. It will arrive at your doorstep in no time! With all this, you have no more excuses to don't make a purchase now. About the flintstones and lighter fluid, you can find it in any specialized shop or tobacco shop around your house. If your lighter turn dark or tarnishes, it's because the mix of metal for make it sterling. So we will give you some easy way to clean it and give it back its original color.

What should you do if your lighter turn dark or tarnishes?

Here you have two methods that are easy to make and totally DIY. This will give your lighter its original bright. Don't forget to disassemble your lighter before cleaning it.
  • Soak it 10 seconds in a bath of warm water, white vinegar and some baking soda and let magic happens.
  • Gently whip it with a soft cloth and some toothpaste until its bright back.
Be careful, if your lighter has some stones, prefer the first method to avoid damages.To begin your visit on this category, you could begin to see this Silver Lighter – elephant god. And after this collection, the next one is Silver Buckle Belt 925. This last one has in it all the best product to embellish your belt and complete your suit on the best way.