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How Rare is Silver?

1 gram of silver is included in every 12.5 tonnes of earth (27,600 lbs). Because of this ratio, combined with silver’s extremely low market price, mining the precious metal is less profitable and enticing than mining many other metals. Is silver really rarer than gold? Surprisingly, above-ground silver is more valuable than gold. In fact, […]

Silver Bottle for Water

Here are some of the most important health benefits of drinking water from a silver glass that will astound you! Drinking Silver Bottled Water Has Many Health Benefits: Today we will see 8 benefits of drinking water in silver bottle.Get ready, because you wont believe it first at first sight. Ok let’s go! Antibacterial and […]

History of Silver

Since ages humans are using silver and silver coins as way of exchange and trade and pay for things they want to buy and sell. Today, we will speak about the history of silver through the ages. It’s use as money of jewelry, you will surely like to know more about this precious metal. Ancient Silver […]