How About The Pure Silver Gong Fu Teapot

What is it about silver teapots for gong fu cha that keeps people buying them, other from their exorbitant price tags (we’re talking $500+ for one teapot)? There is a wide variety of teaware to choose from, including Yixing clay, porcelain, glass, and cast iron. Is the pure silver teapot truly priceless?

What Is A Silver Teapot?

A silver teapot is a small teapot made entirely of 99.9% silver that is used for gong fu style tea (pure silver).
It’s not coated; it’s fully made of silver, both inside and out.
The majority of silver teapots are made in Yunnan, China, Taiwan, and Japan.
Silver has the property of remaining stable in water. As a result, unlike clay teapots, silver teapots do not alter the taste of the tea. A silver teapot brew is more faithful to the flavor of the tea leaves.
We’ve discovered that, unlike other varieties of teaware, which have more or less universal rules for which teas to brew, silver teapots vary greatly depending on the individual.

Which Quality Tea Brews Best in Silver Water?

The first point to keep in mind is to only use high-quality loose leaf teas.
Light teas with fascinating properties might be a good place to start.
Both light oolongs and green teas could be used.
With silver teapots, raw pu-erh and aged white teas take on a new dimension.
Heavy dark teas, such as ripe pu-erh, black tea, hei  cha(黑茶), and extensively roasted oolongs, on the other hand, are usually unappealing.
(On the other hand, we’ve also heard the opposite.) The key is to try new things!)
Try brewing your teas in a silver teapot if you have teas that have unusual flavors or fragrances that you want to bring to the surface.
Also, if you have teas that can be brewed several times (more than 10-15), a silver teapot is a good option.
The substance with the highest thermal conductivity qualities is silver.
Due to its low thermal emittance, it is also good at holding heat.
Just remember to pre-heat your silver teapot before using it to brew tea.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Silver Teapot:


  • There’s no need to season it because it’s ready to eat right away.
  • doesn’t absorb flavors like yixing clay — may be used with any tea durable — great for travel, won’t break, and will last a lifetime!
  • It holds heat efficiently, making it easier to adjust the temperature of the water and hence the brew.
  • Over-steeping or utilizing higher heat will not affect the tea.


  • The lid does not fit as snugly as it does on yixing teapots.
  • Citrus x silver, not a good reaction might be too hot to manage
  • shouldn’t be used with chenpi teas (陈皮茶)
  • bitterness might also become heightened

Chinese Silver Teapot With Rose and Lotus detail teapot

Silver teapots, we believe, should only be used by persons who are confident in the quality and flavor of their tea.
An pricey teapot like this one can only be paired with tea of comparable quality (which doesn’t have to be the same price).
A silver teapot will elevate an already excellent tea to new heights.
If, on the other hand, the tea is perfectly fine, a silver teapot will most likely bring out the tea’s less desirable aspects.


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