How to Calculate Silver Price in China

By a matter of fact, when you want to buy silver from China, there are some points that you need to know. 
Today we will speak about that points. 

About Pure Silver Ingots, Bullions and Coins:

About this items, price is calculate on grams and kilograms. 
the purity and the quality of the silver also play a role in the determination of the price. 
If you are located in China, you will pay your item the price right and just. 
If you buy it online, of course it will be expensive because of some criteria. 
Firstable, retailers will take their own benefit. 
Then you have to take into consideration the transportation which, with the actual crisis (sanitary, and inflation), the price of the logistic have doubled. 
You can find ingots and bullions from 5g, 10g, 20g, to 1kg 0f pure silver 999
The coins are or commemorations or antique silver pieces. It’s also calculate with the price, the size, the width etc…

About the Jewelry and the Fashion Items

For the jewel, and fashion items, the calculation of the price of each item is a bit different. 
The calculation is different because it takes also the workforce in the cause. 
So the calcul would look like this especially for whole sale:[(weight x price on gram)+ workforce on the market= price of the piece]
so let’s say, we speak in RMB (Chinese money), note that also that the price follows the market so it can be down or up according to fluctuations. 
So you want for example, buy a 999 pure silver necklace which weights 25 g, the gram price is 9.5 RMB, and the workforce around 80 RMB/piece, the calcul is this one: (25×9.5)+80 =317.5 RMB or in $ 49.91. 
We hope it’s clear and you can understand it. 

Silver Jewelry in physical shops or online.

For physical shops and online stores when they buy stock, they need to pay the price we just calculate earlier. 
To retail and sell, they also add their own benefits with the charges they get as rent, VAT etc… 
Also this retail, so sell one piece after another. And of course is the most expensive. 
Anyway silver still very cheap to buy. 

Don’t forget also that each quality of silver follow it’s own price. So that’s why you can see price difference between quality. 

Be careful of the items too cheap:

In China or anywhere else, silver has a price, who is going up since 3 years ago now. So if you want to buy jewels, it wont be cheap as five years before. 
But don’t worry at full-silver we give you the best prices forever, and we warranty you the best quality of silver. 
If the item seems to cheap for you, there is big probability that is not true silver. 
Most of the time plated silver is sell as silver but if you test it, its not a massive piece of silver. 
That’s why if it’s too cheap you have 95% chances to be sure this is not true silver. So you will ask what about the other 5%?
Usually it’s an old stock that the reseller want to sold out to liberate space and enter new stock. 


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