Silver Against Evil Monsters

Werewolves live as people and only transform into wolves on full moon nights. They’re powerful, ferocious, and only silver can kill them. But why is silver was using?
So, we’re not in the supernatural at all. All phenomena must have rational explanations, as the great Pythons demonstrated. Because a witch and a duck both float in water, they must both be the same weight.
And, given that a werewolf kills when scratched with silver, there must be something in the wolf’s system that causes it to die from a single glint.
In this post we will see about, and why,  few evils monsters and their weakness to silver.


As you all know, werewolves appears on full moon night.
According the popular belief, to become a beast like this, you to have been bitten by another one. 
Fast, strong, powerful, vicious, sharpen teeth and big claws, are some qualities of the werewolf.
It looks likes nothing can kill it but a silver bullet. 
Let’s try to see why with some science. 

Silver provides a number of advantages.
It has the best heat conductivity of any metal.
One of the reasons it’s utilized for jewelry in the first place is because it’s extremely ductile and malleable.
Werewolves are just as changeable as humans, and they can shift shape quickly.
Although werewolves are normally located in the northern woods on cold, foggy nights, they may have an issue with heat, there has never been any mention of having to heat a silver bullet or knife before shooting it into one.
So, what is it about silver that makes it so dangerous for werewolves?

Silver has one distinguishing feature that few other beautiful metals possess.
It oxidizes.
Silver must be polished or coated on a regular basis to keep it protected from the elements.
If left exposed, it forms an unpleasant black crust that detracts from the silver’s appearance.
(Some individuals get silver specifically because of the revolting black crust, but they have issues.)
However, it turns out that silver does not react with air.
Silver is relatively inert, remaining unchanged in water, air, and most solvents.
However, microscopic particles of an element hanging in the air react with silver to form the dark goop that covers it.
What element is it, exactly? Sulfur.

That’s what kills werewolves for sure!

Also known as brimstone – yes, brimstone is the devil’s element.
Silver sulfide is formed when silver and sulfur are combined.
Although silver sulfide has not been demonstrated to be hazardous to other species, it is insoluble in water and must be consumed.
It would lift from the silver in a werewolf’s bloodstream and move through the animal’s bloodstream, clogging blood vessels and poisoning cells.
The werewolf is killed as a result of this.

A werewolf is definitely packed with sulfur.
Other signs to recognizing werewolves may emerge as a result of this.
Werewolves would generate a blue light when exposed to flame because sulfur burns blue.
(This may be done in the same manner as witches are thrown into ponds to test whether they float, but remember that a werewolf should have sulfur all over him, so start with burning hair or fingernail samples.)
Sulfur would also be emitted by a werewolf’s bodily secretions, which would include sweat.
So stabbing someone with silver to see if they’re a werewolf isn’t necessary.
Simply brush a silver bracelet on a sweaty werewolf to see if it tarnishes more quickly.
Finally, we are all familiar with the sulfur odor.
It smells like rotten eggs (which is why you shouldn’t rub egg yolks on silver jewelry).
You can tell if someone smells like rotten eggs if they’re a werewolf.
Or that they’re running out of gas.
Before you stab them, try running another test.


As we all know on what we saw in theaters and movies, there is several ways to kill this creature of the night: garlic, sunlight, a stake in the heart, and of course silver. 
Of course we can combine these all weapons like a silver bullet stuffed with garlic juice for example. 
Silver acts on vampires as it act on the werewolves, for the exactly same reasons. 
But we saw in some picture as “From dusk till dawn“, a simple silver cross in the mouth of the creature can kill it badly. 
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Fact is werewolves are the lycanthropes family. 
So they get the same strengths and the same weaknesses. 
Sulfur is present in their blood and metabolism, and that’s why silver can kill them. 
If a night you be pursue by one of them, get something in silver with you and have eaten some garlic could be a good idea, and a good habit. 

Silver poisons a werewolf’s blood, according to myth, and hitting one in the heart with a silver bullet is the fastest way to pollute the bloodstream.
According to folklore, lycanthropy is a bloodborne virus that silver may kill or cure thanks to its antibiotic powers.


We think now you can understand how to overcome evil of night. 

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