Can you Resize a Sterling Silver Ring?

If you want to know if you can resize your sterling silver ring, the simple answer is: YES! it’s possible. 
Now today we will see the whole process together. 
Are you ready? Let’s go!

Is it easy to resize a sterling silver ring?

It is rather simple to resize.
This metal can be resized in the same way that yellow gold can.
Refinishing and reapplication of rhodium plating are required for white gold (applied to retain the white gold color).
Rose gold is a fickle metal that can shatter when resized.

It is possible to gain half a size, or even a size, by following this ring enlargement method.
But be careful! Not only is this process irreversible, but it should be reserved for simple rings.
A ring in a precious metal such as rhodium-plated sterling silver, gold or platinum could be irreparably damaged by this technique.
Similarly, a ring with diamonds or other precious stones should not be enlarged in this way.
By enlarging the ring, the stones could come loose and fall out. If they need to be enlarged, take your precious jewelry to a professional.
Likewise, to increase your ring by more than one size, use the services of a jeweler.
For your other rings, fancy or not so fancy, you can follow this enlargement method.

It consists in threading the ring on a cylindrical and conical instrument and tapping on the jewel with a mallet to make it gain in size.
You can use a mandrel, a triboulet or, why not, a planter.
Use a vise to hold the tool in place.
Coat the ring with soap before sliding it onto the tribune.
Using a wooden mallet or a jeweler’s hammer, tap the ring evenly all around to gradually stretch it.
If using a conventional hammer, protect the ring with a soft cloth.

Resizing by a professional jeweler

Professionals offer to enlarge your rings, no matter how many sizes you want to gain.
The price of the ring size will then depend on many criteria.
​The type of metal, the design of the ring, the setting of the stones, the color of the gold… will have an impact on the way to enlarge the ring and on the price of the operation.

When your ring needs to be enlarged by a maximum size, the jeweler uses a triboulet to gently stretch the diameter of the ring.

If the ring needs to be enlarged further, the professional will add metal.
He cuts the ring to integrate a new portion of material and thus enlarge the diameter of the ring.
Some rings require a lot more work and know-how: for example, a ring encrusted with diamonds around its entire circumference, an engraved wedding band or a jewel with three intertwined rings.
It is therefore sometimes necessary to completely reshape the body of the ring.
In any case, whatever the model of your ring, the jeweler will propose a solution so that you can start wearing it again.

Important to know: 
Please note that if you subscribe to an online ring sizing service, you will have to specify which size you want to obtain.
To do this, measure your finger size precisely to indicate the right ring size to the jeweler who will proceed with the enlargement. 
Furthermore, when you buy a piece of jewelry and you realize that it does not fit, you have the possibility to return it within a certain period of time.
If all the conditions are met, the sizing can even be offered.

Some precautions to do and things to know

To resize a ring is an irreversible operation, so you have to be careful. 
Firstable do it and try it with old ones that you don’t wear anymore and you don’t care much about. 
If you don’t think your work is not good enough don’t hesitate to go to see a professional, it’s better to pay some money and get the job done well. 

With a resizable ring you wont have the problem of get it to small for you. 

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