What is the Difference Between Silver and Silvery?

The difference between silver and silvery is simple: 
silver is all what is in silver 
silvery is all what have a silver color or brightly color. 
Now we will try to develop this short answer to let you know more about this topic. 
Are you ready? So let’s go! 

Silver and Sterling Silver

With all the other blog posts we already made, we think now you begin to know more about silver. 
999 Fine Silver, purest metal that you can find for your bullions, your ingots, your coins etc…
990 Sterling Silver, used for jewels, mugs, teapot, flatware also, and many things more. 
925 Sterling Silver, the most common and popular in the world nowadays. 
You can find everything in our posts about this kinds of silver. 
Then everything made in and with silver is considerate at silver and sterling silver stuff. 
So what contain the real precious metal will be it. 

About the silvery

For the jewels:

When you see some ring, or some pendants which is call “silver plated”, this can not be considered true for the reason that is a body in another material as: copper, zinc, iron, steel, and was dived in a silver bath, then it has a thin cover of silver, but fragile and easily breakable. 
It’s also can be steel or iron jewels which shine as silver, and bright on the same color but doesn’t contain any silver in will be called silvery. 
Another important point to take in consideration is the price of the item you want to purchase. 
If it’s abnormally cheap for something which will be sold as precious metal, it’s 90% chances sure it’s silvery. 


Some other things so called silvery

The color

when you see a grey car, it’s often called silver color. That’s also a point for later sell the car. 
For the flatware, or many things as this, it’s also called silvery. 
Even the tools can get the silvery nickname. So many items in our lives can be called silvery. 
As long as you understand that is more a state of bright and a color you understand it all. 

Mike asked us:

“I bought in a store a nice bracelet for my wife, but after showering several times, all the silver color is gone and now the bracelet looks like a green piece of copper. So how would you call this? “
So dear Mike, there is our answer:
Firstable, we hope you didn’t pay this bracelet so expensive.
This is plated silver clearly, so also called silvery. 
There is some good and easy ways to test your items when you buy it to see if it’s silver or not. 
You can go to check our article about how to check ingots and coins for know more about this topic. 
we just can advise you that next time, you come to us to choose a true sterling silver bracelet like this one, for example. 

Julia asked us also

“Hi full silver team, i did buy to you a pair of 999 fine silver earrings, but after have wore it for a while they began to turn black, is this silvery, or silver plated or what else?”
Dear Julia, the earrings that you bought from us are real 999 silver. 
Silver as a tendance for tarnishing easily. 
But it’s also easy to clean: 
Just grab a sink, warm water, some baking soda and white vinegar or lemon juice.
Let your pair of earrings soak in for 5 to 10 mn and then grab it back. 
After this gently whip your jewel with a soft cloth and it will get back it’s original bright. 


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